Farmers in Rukungiri prompted on Micro scale water system.

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KAARO KARUNGI | RUKUNGIRI – Disappointment by Farmers to engage in Government programs has been reprimanded for the lethargic improvement of house hold livelihoods.

This is as per the Rukungiri District Principle Agriculture Officer Mr Kwesiga Pius Oneck who additionally encouraged ranchers to exploit Government programs to deliver greater quality items that would thusly improve their livelihoods

Mr. Oneck gave an illustration of the Micro-scale Irrigation Program, which he said is significantly intended to improve ranchers work through Irrigation whereby a farmers can develop crops three seasons every year by watering crops during the dry season.

As indicated by Oneck, in the program what began a year prior, the Government furnishes farmers with Irrigation gear by settling up to 75% of the buy cost while the farmer at last possesses the equipment.

In any case, the program has not pulled in the focused on farmer contribution in the main year when contrasted with other Government programs .

He likewise asked augmentation laborers at sub province level to work with energy, and activate farmers about current Government programs

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