Home News FDC Delegates Conference Draws 200+ Attendees for Accreditation

FDC Delegates Conference Draws 200+ Attendees for Accreditation

Patrick Amuriat Seeks Support from Bunyoro Delegates for FDC Re-election Bid
Patrick Amuriat Seeks Support from Bunyoro Delegates for FDC Re-election Bid
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More than two hundred delegates from the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party have gathered at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala, to seek accreditation for the official delegates’ conference scheduled for today.

The FDC has established different tables for accrediting delegates from specific regions. On Monday, the party Chairman for the Electoral Commission, Boniface Bamwenda Toterebuka, announced that a total of 1,271 delegates would be accredited to participate in the delegates’ conference, during which a new party National Executive Committee-NEC would be elected.

The invited categories of voters include District Chairpersons, General Secretaries, Secretaries for Publicity and Mobilization, Women League Chairpersons, and Youth Secretaries. At the constituency level, Chairpersons and General Secretaries were invited, with the requirement that one must be female.

Over 100 members were nominated to contest various positions in NEC. One of the candidates in the race is Daka Ajuna, a former FDC flag bearer for Member of Parliament for Fortportal Municipality, who is vying for the position of Secretary for Organization and Mobilization.

Ajuna expressed his desire to use the position to enhance mobilization and recruitment for FDC. He plans to leverage technology to reach more supporters, establish grassroots offices, and ensure effective communication and mobilization.

Additionally, Ajuna aims to translate key party documents and messages into local languages and accessible formats for people with different abilities, such as those with visual impairments. He believes this approach will help FDC propagate its message and attract more members.

Moses Okwera, a former Councillor from Nakawa division in Kampala, is running for the position of Secretary for Health. His focus will be on promoting primary healthcare through partnerships with various health organizations and organizing health camps to educate people about health issues and provide services.

Walid Lubega, the National Chairman of the Youth League at Najjanankumbi-based FDC, is contesting for the position of Deputy Secretary-General in charge of Administration. If elected, he plans to strengthen communication between the headquarters and lower party structures to improve coordination and teamwork.

The FDC Delegates Conference will take place at the Patidar Samaj Sports Ground in Lugogo, Kampala. However, another faction of FDC based at Katonga opposes the conference and has issued an alternative election roadmap, culminating in a delegates’ conference in March 2024.