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Head Teachers Demoted Due to Poor PLE Results in Kwania District


Two primary school head teachers in Kwania District faced demotion to classroom teacher positions due to alleged incompetence following the release of the 2023 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results.

The Ministry of Education transferred 13 head teachers within the district this year, with 11 already assuming their new roles. However, Mr. John Peter Adupa of Anwangi Primary School and Mr. James Otim of Akwon Primary School resisted the transition, declining to relinquish their offices.

The affected head teachers cited a lack of official transfer notices as the basis for their refusal to comply with the demotion orders. Anwangi and Akwon Primary Schools were among the lowest-performing institutions in the 2023 PLE, further contributing to the decision for leadership changes. At Anwangi Primary School, none of the 51 candidates managed to achieve a Division One pass, with only two attaining Division Two results.

Mr. Adupa expressed his willingness to hand over his position but requested clarity on the reasons for his demotion. He emphasized the need for formal documentation outlining his alleged shortcomings. Similarly, Mr. Otim voiced confidence in his capabilities as an educator and welcomed the opportunity to transform underperforming schools within the district.

District Education Officer (DEO) Mr. Andrew Omunu confirmed that the affected head teachers had reported to his office, where their concerns were being addressed. The DEO highlighted the objective of the transfers as a means for the demoted individuals to learn from more competent peers. Christopher Oguta, the Kwania principal human resource officer, clarified that the decision to transfer Mr. Otim and Mr. Adupa stemmed from their schools’ poor academic performance and management deficiencies.

The 2023 PLE results for Kwania District revealed a mixed outcome, with 108 candidates achieving Division One passes out of 2,435 registered candidates. Additionally, significant proportions of candidates scored Division U (Ungraded) in several districts, including Kibuku, Madi Okollo, Dokolo, Kween, and Namisindwa, rendering them ineligible for admission to senior secondary school.

Table: 2023 PLE Results for Kwania District

Division Number of Candidates
One 108
Two 1,007
Three 572
Four 317
Failed 406
Did Not Sit 25


Districts with Candidates Scoring Division U (Ungraded) in 2023 PLE

  1. Kibuku
  2. Madi Okollo
  3. Dokolo
  4. Kween
  5. Namisindwa