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Growing a mushroom for medical purposes.

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Mushrooms have great health and medicinal benefits. Their benefits are the same as those of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in proteins, valuable minerals, vitamins and fibre.
Dr Masengo Isaac at the college of natural science said,”mushroom have made a significant contribution to human food and medicine,” they are not real plants,that are fungi and so require different growth media than the plants.
He added, mushroom have low calories, no cholesterol and are virtually free of fat and sodium thus Mushrooms are highly-recommended for diabetes and heart patients because of their high protein and low calorie content. They are also the diet of choice for those suffering from or are prone to obesity and arteriosclerosis.
“All the essential amino acids required by an adult are present in mushrooms,”He remarked.
Ms.Sophie Mottram at Makerere University Botanic Gardens said,Cultivation of Mushrooms require little space “a few square metres of land outside the house is enough,” she remarked.
She added, Starting growing oyster mushrooms for home usage or profit is fairly easy. In fact, here is how to get started.
With the Agha culture which is the mother seed (spawn), one needs to get the spawn that is used in the garden.You boil millet grains, dry them completely and mix with calcium sulphate or calcium carbonate to eliminate any remaining moisture, pack the millet grains into dry bottles, drop small pieces of Agha culture into the bottles and cover with cotton wool.
The bottles are then steamed under intense heat to do away with any moisture that might lead to the fermentation of the millet grain.The bottles are cooled and placed in a well disinfected room and after two weeks, they will start to colonise and the spawn will be ready.
For making the gardens, you now need coffee husks instead of millet grains. After the same process the millet goes through, it is better to pack them in plastic bags, preferably the white ones such that in case of any infections in the garden, it is early and quickly noticed.Drop small pieces of spawn into the gardens and fasten the ends of every plastic bag with a rubber band and steam the garden for four hours and then cool it.
Disinfect a clean room and place the gardens for about a fortnight for colonisation to take place after which, unfasten the ends of the plastic bag and transfer the gardens to another room for watering. After two days, the mushrooms will begin to sprout and they will be ready for harvest in the next four to five days.

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