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Lemon prices drop drastically



Lemons are high in vitamin C which boosts one’s immunity.

A basket of lemons that used to cost between sh350,000 and sh400,000 during the peak of the second wave of COVID-19 now goes for sh100,000 or less.

This is due to the falling demand for lemons with consumers currently trending towards other fruits such as passion fruit, mango, and watermelon among others.

Sarah Kakembo a fresh foods dealer on Kafumbe Mukasa Road in Kisenyi, Kampala, said the demand for lemons has drastically gone down as COVID-19 cases in communities and hospitals have gone down.

Sarah Kakembo

The demand for lemons went up during the first months of the year when COVID-19 cases spiked.

Mukasa said at the time when the demand for lemons was at its peak, the quality was very poor as they were prematurely harvested by unscrupulous farmers who wanted to take advantage of the high prices.

He however said with low demand, the quality of the lemons has greatly improved.

Annet Nekesa a vendor on Market Street in Nakasero said she is optimistic that the demand and price will soon go up with the anticipated 3rd wave of COVID-19 in the country.

Uncontrolled exports of lemons to neighbouring and European countries were among other causes for the recent shortage that drove up prices.

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