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Mbale Schools to Benefit from Prudential and Tusafishe’s Clean Water Initiative

Prudential Insurance Uganda
Prudential Insurance Uganda
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Prudential Uganda has partnered with the non-governmental organization Tusafishe to provide clean and safe drinking water to five schools in the Mbale District. The selected schools are Nkoma Secondary School, Mbale High School, Nabuyonga Primary School, Mbale Progressive Secondary School, and Mbale Progressive Annex.

These schools have faced challenges in securing clean water for their students. The total number of students in these schools is 14,722, with Nkoma Secondary School alone catering to 6,500 students.

Tetteh Ayitevie, the CEO of Prudential Uganda, stated that this partnership demonstrates their commitment to building resilient communities and aligns with their purpose of contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Currently, the schools spend approximately shs 600,000 to purchase 15,000 kilograms of firewood for water purification, which not only strains their finances but also harms the environment. Prudential aims to help save the environment and reduce this burden.

Henry Othieno, the CEO of Tusafishe, emphasized that this initiative will have a significant impact on the schools’ health. He cited a National health report from 2022, which revealed that a large portion of diseases diagnosed at the Mbale Regional Referral Hospital and the Nabumali sick bay were related to the consumption of unsafe water and poor hygiene.

Traditional methods of water purification, such as boiling and the use of chlorine and disinfecting tablets, are costly both financially and environmentally. As a result, many schools require students to bring packaged water, which is expensive for parents. Tusafishe has introduced a transformative technology that not only purifies water but also protects the environment. This water purification system can process up to 4,880 liters daily and eliminate up to 99.999% of disease-causing pathogens from water sources.

In addition to the clean water initiative, Prudential will distribute over 3,000 Moringa tree seedlings to communities near the schools for planting. This step reinforces their commitment to long-term sustainability and addressing climate change.

Prudential’s climate targets involve reducing carbon emissions in their operations and investments and collaborating with their investees to navigate the transition to a more sustainable future.