Most mothers opt for C – section –  health officer

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KAARO KARUNGI | HEALTH – More women in Eastern Uganda are opting to deliver their children by caesarean section (C-section) even when there is no compelling medical reason for it, health officials have revealed.

Dr Godwin Kitongo, a medical officer in Mt Elgon hospital, said expectant mothers, mainly the working class in urban areas, prefer caesarean birth because they do not want to experience labour pains.

“In the past, women only opted for C-section after they got complications with vaginal labour in order to save their babies and their lives as well,” he said.

He added that other reasons for C- section include fear of childbirth, positive attitudes toward caesarean birth and superstitious beliefs, among others.

Dr Daniel Kayebi, the officer-in- charge at Nabiganda Health Centre IV in Butaleja District, said teenage pregnancies have also contributed to the rise of C-section births.


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