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Movit and Health Ministry Gift 100 New Mothers with Baby Essentials

Movit Products Limited
Movit Products Limited
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Movit Products Limited (MPL) and the Ministry of Health have come together to bring happiness to 100 new mothers at Katabi Health Centre III in Entebbe. They are part of an initiative called “Ggaba Essanyu” by Baby Junior, a product of Movit, which aims to show love and support to new mothers in hospitals all across the country.

Tulinawe Wycliff, the Brand Manager for Baby Junior, shared that this initiative falls under MPL’s Baby Care Category Brand, Baby Junior, and will continue throughout the year. Their commitment to supporting Ugandans, especially new mothers, remains strong. The 100 mothers received a variety of Baby Junior products, including soap, jelly, oil, powder, along with branded buckets and T-shirts.

Mr. Tulinawe Wycliff, the Category Brand Manager of Baby Care for Baby Junior, personally handed over the gifts to one of the mothers at Katabi Health Centre II in Wakiso.

At an event held last week in Entebbe, Tulinawe Wycliff expressed Baby Junior’s dedication to providing high-quality products to both mothers and newborns right from birth. This initiative is a way for MPL to give back to the community and spread happiness.

Partnering with the Ministry of Health, they selected the healthcare centers to visit. New mothers at these centers were overjoyed to receive these carefully designed Baby Junior products, which are meant to cater to their needs as well as those of their newborns.

One grateful mother shared, “The products given to me will be helpful in the next few months for both my baby and me. The items have been ticked off from my list of things to buy.”

Kate Naluweta, the Midwife in charge of the healthcare center, expressed their dedication to ensuring every new mom feels empowered, cherished, and well-prepared for the journey of motherhood. She extended her gratitude to MPL through Baby Junior for their invaluable support.

Naluweta added, “The mothers are not only appreciative of the thoughtful gifts but also touched by the fact that MPL had considered them and their region. Katabi Health Centre III has a strong commitment to providing support, care, and confidence to new mothers.”