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Rwanda Ends Temperature Screening In COVID Fight

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Temperature screening at public place entrances in Rwanda is no longer required, and is not considered as one of the ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health said Thursday.

The directive came as infection rate continues to fall.

“The ministry directs heads of public and private institutions and organizers of public events to stop temperature screening at entrances,” the statement said.

The ministry appealed to the public to continue to embrace vaccination against COVID-19, including getting booster doses. It also appealed to the public to ensure proper wearing of facemask and hand hygiene.

Rwanda experienced its main coronavirus peak in July and August 2021, where nearly 2,000 new cases could be recorded in a single day and another, much smaller peak last December attributed to the omicron variant, but case numbers have since dropped significantly.

In the last seven days, 46 confirmed cases were recorded with an infection rate of 0.1 percent with no admission case, according to the Ministry of Health daily updates.

A country of roughly 12 million people, Rwanda imposed tough anti-virus curbs that restricted its cases to 129, 610 and 1,459 fatalities as of Wednesday.

More than 7.9 million Rwandans, equivalent to 61 percent of the country’s population, are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of March 10, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

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