Home Health Senior Care Facility in Nalukolongo Takes Steps to Improve Conditions

Senior Care Facility in Nalukolongo Takes Steps to Improve Conditions

senior care facility in nalukolongo takes steps to improve conditions
senior care facility in nalukolongo takes steps to improve conditions
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Sister Mary Lawrence Nakiwu has addressed concerns at the Bakateyamba Home in Nalukolongo, located in the Lubaga division of Kampala. She highlighted the challenges faced by senior citizens living at the facility and emphasized the importance of addressing these issues.

According to Sister Nakiwu, the living conditions for the elderly in the country have been challenging due to financial constraints. Many elderly people struggle to access basic necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare, and financial support.

She also pointed out that some of the elderly residents suffer from loneliness, feeling neglected by society.

“We appeal to people with kind hearts to help us provide food, clothing, medical care, and financial support because we have a responsibility to care for the elderly and ensure their well-being,” she said.

Sister Nakiwu, who also runs Seeta Junior School in Mbalala, Mukono District, shared that the elderly at Bakateyamba Home rely on donations such as maize, beans, clothing, milk, and various essentials from the school, its staff, and parents.

Bakateyamba Home falls under the jurisdiction of the larger Kampala Archdiocese, established by Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga in 1978, with the aim of providing for elderly individuals without families or those from marginalized communities, including Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

The facility currently accommodates around 60 elderly individuals, although its capacity is designed for up to 100 residents. Sister Nakiwu emphasized the importance of caring for the elderly and acknowledged the financial challenges that come with it.

“We have 75 residents while our capacity is 60. This is why we need financial support to complete our facility, which will allow us to accommodate more elderly individuals,” she explained.

Sister Crispin Christine Namara, the head of Seeta Junior School, stressed the significance of this initiative in providing a safe and caring environment for elderly residents who lack family support.

“In this context, we emphasize our commitment to providing for the Bakateyamba elderly in both material and emotional support. We want to be there for them, just as our parents took care of us. It’s our responsibility to ensure their well-being,” she added.

The ceremony included a mass celebrated by Father Raymond Kalanzi, who encouraged attendees to seek Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as a source of inspiration and strength.

Sister Jane Ritah Kisembo, a member of the Good Samaritan Sisters overseeing the Bakateyamba Home, expressed her gratitude to the attendees and encouraged them to continue reading and learning, as knowledge is a valuable asset.

However, it was noted that some elderly residents struggle with health issues and mobility, making it challenging for them to move around freely. The attendees were urged to be patient and compassionate toward the elderly residents, as some of them face physical limitations.

Merita Ssemakula, a student in P.6 at the school, shared her perspective on the importance of kindness and understanding towards the elderly, emphasizing that it’s essential to appreciate their wisdom and life experiences.