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Ibanda Authorities set for a second monitoring and evaluation

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KAARO KARUNGI | IBANDA – Ibanda municipal council authorities are set to do a second monitoring and evaluation on
the projects that are being worked on in all the three divisions that make
up Ibanda municipality.

Ibanda municipality comprises three divisions of Kagongo, Bisheshe and Bufunda with 21 wards of Kyaruhanga, Bufunda, Nyamirima, Nsasi, Kayenje, Kashangura, Rwenshuri, Kigarama, Rugazi, Rwobuzizi, Kakatsi, Bugarama, Karangara, Kabaare, Kanyansheko, Nyakatookye, Kyeikucu, Kikoni, Kagongo, Ruyonza and Katongore ward.

The secretary for works and technical services, Fred Banywana says this monitoring exercise tomorrow, Tuesday, April 20, 2021 is a follow-up on different projects because they recently realized that some constructions were characterized
by shoddy work.

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During the first monitoring last month, some contractors were directed to
repeat the work which they had done and this second monitoring will pave way to decisions on whether contracts should be
terminated or continued especially in Bufunda and Kagongo
The public has however been asked to be patient as government endeavors to bring services closer, but also be vigilant and whistle-blowers.


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