Increasing hammer wielding cases should come to an end, Security Committee in Rukungiri Seats

Rukungiri District security Committee
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KAARO KARUNGI | RUKUNGI – The security Committee in Rukungiri District has held meeting aiming to bring  an end increasing cases in the district.

The meeting has been held at Runkigiri District was attended by Chairpersons of different boda boda stages in Rukungiri Municipality, District internal security officer, District CIO, among other security stakeholders in a bid to get an everlasting solution to the bad elements engaged in the habit.

The head of District Security known as Abubaker Birungi has come with a backdrop of hammer wielding assailants who have become a threat to the boda boda industry in the district.

Abubaker  Birungi the head of District Security told them that security must be everyone’s responsibility since the security manpower can’t be enough to be at their disposal all the time.

He showed concern that some cyclists operate all night long which is against President Museveni’s directive on Curfew in a bid to stem the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

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Abubaker  Birungi said, “The only way we can iron out these greviences is through networking, personal security, identification of suspected thieves as well as protocol reporting”

During the same meeting, Hakim Viga the Rukungiri District internal security officer advised the cyclists to install tracking devices on their motorcycles so that once stolen, they can be easily recovered.

Viga showed concern of late reporting of such cases which makes it hard for the security teams to follow up on the recovery of their motorcycles.

However, a section of boda boda leaders who attended the meeting narrated that the cases might be spearheaded by some of the fellows in the same business.

The meeting came at the time when three boda boda cyclists have so far been clobbered and motorcycles stolen by unknown assailants. In addition another person was also hit by hammer wielding assailants in a lodge along republic road in Rukungiri Municipality


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