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Is Museveni’s Young Brother Salim Saleh Really Dead As Social Media Users Claim – OWC Speaks Out

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Throughout recent days, some ‘ merciless’ people have been spreading reports that Gen Caleb Akandwanaho otherwise known as Gen Salim Saleh, a young brother to Uganda’s President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, is either so sick or dead.

While this isn’ t the first time social media twisted people and ‘ witches’ are asserting that Gen Saleh is either fundamentally wiped out or dead, the new bits of hearsay were started by the General’ s Absence at the national memorial service and burial service of Former Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine.

The social media ‘ witches’ contended that it is basically impossible that Gen Salim Saleh would have missed the burial service of his bush war comrade Gen Tumwine, a man he fought with in the bushes of Luweero during the 1981- 86 NRA bush war that slung Gen Museveni to drive, making him rule Uganda from that point forward.

These equivalent ‘ witches’ additionally asserted that they had not seen Gen Saleh, the public facilitator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), for a long time, and that there could be a major issue with him.

OWC Director of Operations Sylivia Owori has been cited as saying that Gen Saleh is alive, well and going about his roles of transforming Uganda. Owori is said to have contended that it was basically impossible that the country wouldn’ t be aware assuming a man like Gen Saleh had passed on since even the President’ s Office would emerge and make an official communication.

” Gen Salim Saleh is a famous person and for a person of his height, news about his death would have been broadly spread officially. Tragically people would circumvent spreading such propaganda. I dont anything more than to express that Gen Salim Saleh is healthily wel. The cases of his death are false. ” Sylvia Owori Said

This was not the first Gen Salim Saleh is announced to be so sick or dead when he is really doing his work in Kapeeka.

Towards the end of June 2022, Gen Saleh showed up at Our Lady Consolata Kapeeka Church for a mass when certain people had declared him dead, he went to disclaim the news that were being spread on him.

In an undeniably irate nation where certain people wish specific officials in government dead, it is entirely expected for senior government officials to be proclaimed fundamentally sick or dead while they are doing their work.

There was a period social media clients pronounced President Museveni dead just for the general from Rwakitura to surface at an occasion seeming sound and well.

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