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Is NUP MP Zaake Francis The Malema Of Uganda? Why He’s The Best LoP Candidate


Mityana Municipality MP Zaake Francis Butebi was one of the political pioneers of the People Power movement. Him and Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine, who later legislated for the Kyadondo East constituency, met at the tenth parliament chaired by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

Zaake and Bobi Wine have a shared ideology of advocacy and activism and indeed to prove this, they were amongst the Legislators who were physically thrown out of Parliament by a gendarme of the Special Forces Command (SFC) at the helm of the heated age limit debate that would see article 102 (b) scrapped to grant Museveni eternal presidency.

Zaake and Bobi Wine later led a revolutionary front known as the People Power movement. This new political formation wiped out partial elections in turn. From Rukungiri, Jinja, Bugiri to Arua, where they almost died after SFC soldiers hit them in August 2018.

MP Zaake Returns To 11th Parliament

In the Parliament, Zaake returned with high hopes that his resolution on Malema-type confrontational politics would be upended.

MPs first demonstrated for the release of political prisoners in the face of President Museveni, who was a guest as the Speaker of the Parliament elected in May 2021. Zaake was deeply disappointed , he was left alone by MPs from his own party for whom he was waiting to join him for this noble cause. Zaake appeared ‘crazy and unusual’ as all the attention was focused on him while the rest of the opposition just watched.

His conflicts with the Speaker later led to him being Censured as a commissioner when he was accused of using social media to smear a speaker who mocked him about torturing him.

Zaake is an aggressive and provocative revolutionary. He is determined to use his physical abilities to express his frustration with the system. On November 29, 2022, he questioned the Deputy Speaker about his gentle handling of kidnappings. He took the lead in demanding the release of MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya along with a number of political prisoners.

While launching the Kunga structures in the midst of a downpour on Thursday, Zaake stripped of his MP privileges, stood in the heavy rains and teamed up with the infantrymen to sing revolutionary songs.

This alone projected him to many as an incarnate of South African firebrand lawmaker of the Economic Freedom Fighters Hon. Julius Malema. Unlike his fellow MPs, Zaake wore an overall, an outfit synonymous with fighting Malema.

With Zaake as LOP, all the men in suits will feel cheated but too afraid to riot because they still need the Bobi Wine umbrella for their stay in survival.

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