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URA announces 663 jobs that are up for grabs

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KAARO KARUNGI JOBS – According to URA, after an earlier advertisement for applications for jobs earlier this month, there have been some amendments to include more jobs.
“This advertisement has been amended to include additional jobs and also allow fresh graduates to have an opportunity to participate. URA is therefore looking for persons with the requisite competences, proven integrity, problem-solving, analytical and interpersonal skills with ability to handle multiple tasks to seize the opportunities,” the tax body says.
URA says the jobs are in communications, IT, human resource, procurement and records among others whereas the deadly for application is May,15, 2021.
“Only online applications will be considered and all applicants will receive a “no reply” mail acknowledging receipt of your application from hr-ura@invalidemail.com and in case of any inquires please send an e-mail to recruitment@ura.go.ug. All applicants who had earlier submitted their applications for the advertised jobs do not have to reapply.”
The tax body however warns that candidates who submit false information will automatically be disqualified.
The vacancies
Supervisor Facilities Management -1
Officers Learning & Development -9
Supervisor Human Capital Management -1
Officer Domestic Taxes- 314
Officer Contact Center -33
Officer Petroleum -10
Officer Media -6
Officer Deemed VAT -4
Officer Staff Compliance- 4
Officer International Taxation- 9
Officer Planning- 8
Officer Internal Audit -3
Officer Informer Management -1
Officer Information Systems Audit -1
Officer Software Engineering -6
Officer Prosecution -8
Officer ICT Security -1
Officer Board Affairs -3
Officer Business Support and Systems Administration-16
Officer Debt Collection – Cheques -3
Officer Database Administration-2
Officer Debt Collection – MoU’s -3
Officer Applications Support -5
Officer Litigation- 6
Plumber Technician -1
Officer ICT and Forensics- 1
Officer Human Resource -5
Officer Science Investigations -6
Officer Revenue Reconciliation -7
Officer Financial Crime Investigations -34
Officer Fleet Management -1
Officer Intelligence -6
Officer Procurement & Disposal -1
Officer Automatic Exchange of Information -2
Officer Records & Registries -2
Officer Science Laboratories -10
Officer Network Installation and Maintenance -1
Administrative Officer -16
Officer Customs -39
Office Assistant -25
Officer Data Centre -4
Fleet Assistant -52
Officer Creative Design -2
Officer Stakeholder Relations -2
Officer Service Delivery and Quality -2
Officer Hardware Installation and Maintenance-2
Officer Payroll -1

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