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Kabaka cautions subjects on ICT and social media misuse

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KAARO KARUNGI | URN – The Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has cautioned his subjects in Buganda kingdom and diaspora against misusing Information and Communication and new media to malign their monarchy.

He said this in a virtual conference organized by different Buganda communities in North America held on Saturday evening under the theme ‘The information technology challenge for Buganda’.

The Kabaka who has been the subject of fake news and misinformation regarding his health status says that although the use of ICT and mass media is becoming inevitable, the tools might be disastrous if misused.

Since last year, speculation has been high about the health of the Kabaka, with some individuals using different news sites, blogs, and social media to announce his death. Some of them claimed that the Kabaka had been poisoned while others claimed that he was being held hostage.

Amidst the speculation, the Kabaka appeared in public on April 13 to celebrate his 66th birthday. However, his physical disposition fueled the speculation mostly by a section of youths majorly in the diaspora.

However, even after the Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga explained that the Kabaka had some health challenges resulting from allergies that caused him breathing difficulties, the speculation and fake news did not stop. Even hours to the Kabaka’s speech at the convention, fake news made rounds that he had died.

In his speech, Kabaka Mutebi who was making a public appearance for the second time since his birthday said there are many enemies to his kingdom, peddling misleading information and propaganda with the help of Baganda who are not aware of their ulterior motive.

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