Home News Kabale Labour Office Flooded with Complaints of Unpaid Wages, Harassment

Kabale Labour Office Flooded with Complaints of Unpaid Wages, Harassment

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The Kabale District Senior Labour Officer, Swizeen Ndyabawe, has raised a red flag on the overwhelming cases of non-payment and harassment reported by workers.

He revealed this today as Uganda joined the rest of the world to celebrate International Labour Day. The national celebrations were held at St Leo’s College Kyegobe Playground in Fort Portal City under the theme “Improving Access to Labour Justice.”

Speaking to our reporter in his office in Makanga at the district headquarters, Ndyabawe said that he registers a minimum of 2 cases every day ranging from non-payment, harassment, and unfair dismissals from work.

He added that most of these cases come from hotels, private security companies, and schools around Kabale.

He, however, attributed this to ignorance of the law about labour rights, saying the Employment Act provides oral and written contracts. He also advocated for public sensitization about labour rights.

Ndyabawe further called the public to utilize his office, saying it’s free and always open to address issues concerning the employer and the employee.

The Kabale District Deputy RDC, Mr. Andrew Ronald Bakaki, said that there is a lack of labour justice in the private sector, stating that he registers 2-3 cases a week concerning non-payments, harassment, and lack of contracts.

Bakaki appealed to employers to embrace labour justice and productivity and avoid corruption trends.