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Kawanda School Turns Into Labour Recruitment Training Centre


Namalere Mixed Secondary School in Kawanda, Wakiso District has been turned into a labour recruitment training centre. Prior to its closure, the school had an enrollment of 150 students.


Julius Beyongyera, the school proprietor said that the school could not continue operating because they were not making profits after the number of students reduced from 900 students to 150 before the lockdown.

He also says as a school proprietor , he has a right to change business since he was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We found that we could not pay teachers and other expenses to sustain the school and we decided to get jobs in other schools for the teachers we had while some of them had already left,” Beyongyera narrated.


He adds that they have decided to turn the school into a training ground for their labour recruitment company Doxa International Company.


According to Beyongera, they will consider in the future whether they will revive the school in the area.


Juliet Nalumansi, one of the parents said that they did not receive information from the school administration about the closure of the school. She says that parents got to learn about it when they inquired why the school was not opening.

She says that the school was easily accessible by her children and other learners in the area.


“The school was near our residence and my two children were day scholars it was very easy for them to access the school,” Nalumansi says.


Rena Nakiwala, another parent says that the school management should have informed the parents and they look for other schools to enroll their children. Nakiwala adds that it is frustrating to search for another school in the shortest time possible.

Lydia Namatovu who operates a restaurant near the school says that the closure of the school is a blow to her business. Namatovu says that she used to sell food to the teachers and students.



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