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Kwania RDC Warns against Witchdoctors, False Pastors in Kwania

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RDC Richard Arikwanga Noon
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Kwania Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Arikwanga Richard Noon has cautioned locals against inviting witchdoctors to solve their problems.

“At first, we thought they were traditional herbalists, but they have turned out to be stubborn individuals extorting money from the local people,” Noon said.

He said some people are consuming herbs after being deceived by the so-called powers of the witchdoctors in Kwania.

“I am deeply concerned because people are being cheated for nothing,” Noon said.

He told the media on Friday that there have been several incidents in Kwania where locals have invited witchdoctors to help them with marriage problems, theft, love matters, jobs, and other concerns.

“We have made every effort to advise the community not to engage in such dubious activities,” Noon said.

He added that the most recent incident involved Dr. Zzinga, who claimed to come from Sorori. He was invited by local people, but when security learned of the news, they intervened.

During the confrontation, the community began attacking the security team, including the District Internal Security Officer’s (DISO) car, making it impossible to prosecute the witchdoctors.

The following day, people in that area of Kwania reportedly started consuming herbs.

“The witchdoctors come to the area and attract other people to bring their problems, and by the time they leave, they have collected a lot of money, almost close to 10 million shillings. Can you imagine that?” Noon wondered.

Locals pay these witchdoctors large sums, ranging from 4 to 10 million shillings per visit to Kwania.

The RDC cautioned radio stations to refrain from advertising witchdoctors to prevent them from gaining more customers in the local community.

He emphasized that the government is actively working on the ground to combat this emerging issue in the Lango sub-region and called on all people in Lango to denounce witchcraft.

Lastly, Noon pointed out that false pastors are also a concern in Kwania.

“I am also fighting fake pastors who pretend to pray for people and end up charging them exorbitant fees,” he said.