Home Lifestyle Bad Black Blasts Sheebah: Diva’s Private Jet Demand a Laughing Matter

Bad Black Blasts Sheebah: Diva’s Private Jet Demand a Laughing Matter

Bad Black Blasts Sheebah: Diva's Private Jet Demand a Laughing Matter
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Local socialite and self proclaimed celebrity man eater Bad Black, known offstage as Shanitah Namuyimbwa, is throwing some serious shade at none other than Uganda’s diva, Sheebah Karungi. And what’s the bone of contention? None other than Sheebah’s lofty demand for a potential partner to possess a private jet – a demand Bad Black finds hilarious!

It all started when former Team No Sleep songstress Sheebah spilled the tea in a recent interview, revealing that she’s got her sights set sky-high when it comes to her standards for a future beau. Hinting that any man vying for her affection better be ready to prove his worth by owning his own private jet, Sheebah’s audacious declaration sent shockwaves through social media, sparking a whirlwind of reactions.

While some of Sheebah’s die-hard fans rallied behind her, praising her for daring to dream big, critics wasted no time in questioning whether the songstress’s sky-high demands were a bit too much to ask for.

Enter Bad Black, ever the drama magnet.

Taking to Snapchat, she shared a screenshot of an article dissecting Sheebah’s private jet proclamation, and let’s just say, her reaction was anything but subtle. With a hearty chuckle, Bad Black couldn’t help but poke fun at Sheebah’s seemingly far-fetched fantasies, especially given her age.

“Pushing 40 and still dreaming of private jets? Come on, mother of boys, we need to get our priorities straight,” Bad Black quipped, unleashing a wave of laughter and raised eyebrows among her followers.

But Sheebah, undeterred by the backlash, has remained steadfast in her beliefs. A true diva through and through, she’s made it crystal clear that she’s more than content to remain single until she finds a man who can rise to meet her lofty standards. Marriage? Sure, she’s open to the idea – but only if Mr. Right comes along, private jet and all.

The saga continues.

With Sheebah soaring to new heights of diva-dom and Bad Black adding fuel to the gossip mill fire in the battle of the jet-set dreams versus down-to-earth reality, who will emerge victorious?

Only time – and perhaps a private jet or two – will tell.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Kampala’s celebrity stories.