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Pius Bigirimana Explains Motive Behind Controversial Book on Sex

pius bigirimana explains motive behind controversial book on sex
pius bigirimana explains motive behind controversial book on sex
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The Permanent Secretary of the Judiciary, Dr. Pius Bigirimana, has addressed the controversy surrounding his recently launched book on sex. He emphasized that he did not approach the subject as an academic but as a concerned and caring parent.

The book, titled “Naked Truth,” was officially launched by Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo approximately three weeks ago. It has generated discussions on social media platforms, primarily due to the explicit language used by the author, Bigirimana.

During a press conference at the judiciary headquarters, accompanied by Principal Judge Dr. Flavian Zeija, Bigirimana clarified that his book was not written from an academic or scholarly perspective. Instead, he wrote it as a parent with children and as someone who cares about the institution of marriage.

His goal in writing the book was to provide guidance to those in marriages and those aspiring to marry, helping them better understand the importance of sex within the context of marriage. He stressed that sex is a fundamental aspect of the union between a man and a woman and that neglecting it can lead to the breakdown of families.

Bigirimana explained that his book delves into the topic of African sex magic, attempting to uncover the mysteries of human sexuality hidden within African traditions. He reflected on the interconnectedness of people’s bodies and spirits throughout his writing.

He pointed out a specific chapter in the book that explores the role of the mind in sexuality. According to Bigirimana, his book aims to unlock a deeper understanding of individuals and their cultural heritage through discussions of sexuality.

He underscored that his main message is that sex should not be reduced to a mere physical act; rather, it should be viewed as a system of intimacy that incorporates emotions, physicality, spirituality, and bonding.

Bigirimana urged young people to respect the significance of sex within the context of marriage, emphasizing that it is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Additionally, during the same event, Bigirimana introduced his sixth book, titled “A Small Book of Big Quotes,” edited by Ronald Nabimanya. This book summarizes his six publications, which include works on the Northern War in Uganda and reflections on the COVID-19 lockdown, among others.

Principal Judge Dr. Flavian Zeija, who served as the Chief Guest at the event, highlighted the importance of recognizing and promoting local writers. He encouraged quoting their words as a means of supporting emerging talent, fostering creativity, and nurturing the next generation of storytellers. Zeija noted that celebrating local writers can boost literacy rates and promote a love for reading within communities.