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Love Triangle Involving Tycoon Sudhir’s Employee and MP Ends in Physical Confrontation

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On Easter Sunday, there was a disturbance at Dream Land Hotel in Kuluva trading center along the Arua-Nebbi highway. The reason for the commotion was a disagreement involving John Lematia, a Member of Parliament representing Ayivu West Constituency, and James Ariko, a DSTV technician from Arua city. The dispute centered around Faith Eyotaru, a 25-year-old assistant compliance and relations officer at Victoria University in Kampala, which is owned by tycoon Sudhir.

The altercation began when Lematia arrived at Dream Land Hotel accompanied by Eyotaru for a swim. At the hotel, they encountered Ariko, who was already there. Seeing Eyotaru with Lematia, Ariko confronted the legislator, claiming to have a romantic relationship with the woman.

The confrontation escalated into a physical fight, which was eventually stopped by hotel staff. Josephine Angucia, the West Nile Region police spokesperson, confirmed that the incident took place around 3:00 pm on Sunday. Following the altercation, both Ariko and Lematia went to the Arua City Central police division to report the incident. They were later directed to the Arua district police headquarters at Odumi in Vurra, where they filed cases of assault and threatening violence respectively.

Initial investigations by the police suggest that Eyotaru was previously in a long-term relationship with Ariko, but they allegedly separated last year. Following the breakup, Eyotaru entered into a relationship with Lematia, who reportedly played a role in securing her position at Victoria University.

During a meeting with the police, Eyotaru stated that her romantic involvement with Ariko had ended, and she is currently in a relationship with Lematia.