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Remembering the Life and Career of Pherrie Kimbugwe

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Prominent Figure in Ugandan Entertainment Industry Passes Away

Pherrie Kimbugwe, a well-known figure in Uganda’s entertainment industry, passed away recently. Kimbugwe, who had served as the manager and publicist of Club Guvnor, was a beloved personality in Kampala’s nightlife scene.

Born Faridah Erum Kimbugwe on July 27, 1976, she was affectionately known as Pherrie within entertainment circles. She was the fourth child of Prince Abu Kimbugwe Kalema and Mariam Nannyanzi Kalema, known for her generosity and love for family.

Pherrie’s educational journey took her from Nairobi, Kenya, to Uganda, where she attended schools like Loreto Convent Valley Road Primary School and Nabisunsa Girls School. She later pursued higher education in the United States, eventually graduating from Emerson College with a degree in International Communication and Journalism, specializing in Public Relations and Media Studies.

Returning to Uganda after her studies, she initially planned to return to the United States for work, but her family persuaded her to stay and build her career at home. She ventured into the media and public relations field, working at various organizations, including WBS TV and Hot 100 FM.

Her strong work ethic and multitasking skills, honed during her time in the United States, were evident in her dedication to her work. She made significant contributions to the PAM Awards and collaborated with Crown Beverages on Pepsi brand activations.

Pherrie’s opportunity to work with Club Guvnor came during her tenure at Hot 100 radio. She embraced the role of publicist and guest relations manager at Club Guvnor, contributing to the club’s reputation as a leading nightlife venue in Kampala.

In the tabloids, Pherrie often made headlines for her romantic involvement with singer Omulangira Suuna, whom she managed. Her nine-year tenure at Club Guvnor left an indelible mark on the club’s image.

After a brief marriage in the United States and a return to Uganda, Pherrie embarked on entrepreneurial ventures, including a beauty spot called “Waganda,” a sugar brand, and a clothing line. She briefly collaborated with Club Guvnor once again.

In her personal life, Pherrie chose to keep her relationship private and focused on her spiritual journey. Her close friend, Olivia Mugabe, noted that one of Pherrie’s deepest desires was to make a humanitarian impact by giving back to the underprivileged.

In May 2022, Pherrie was diagnosed with a 6.8cm brain tumor, which was surgically removed. Unfortunately, the tumor was found to be cancerous. Despite efforts to combat it, the tumor resurfaced, ultimately leading to her passing.

Pherrie Kimbugwe’s funeral was a somber event attended by many from the entertainment industry. Charlie Lubega, the proprietor of Club Guvnor, praised her dedication and determination. She was laid to rest at her family’s ancestral home in Katale, Seguku, and is survived by her parents and siblings. Pherrie’s death has left a void in the entertainment world, and she will be remembered for her contributions and her desire to make a positive impact.