Home News Lilian Mbabazi’s Rental Woes: UGX24 Million Unpaid Rent Sparks Eviction

Lilian Mbabazi’s Rental Woes: UGX24 Million Unpaid Rent Sparks Eviction

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Singer Lilian Mbabazi is facing a serious problem because she hasn’t paid UGX24 Million in rent.

Her landlord, Mr. Sitran Deshpande, has talked to the media about this issue, expressing his concerns.

According to Mr. Sitran Deshpande, Lilian Mbabazi has been renting the house since February 21, 2018, at a monthly rate of UGX 1.5M.

She used to pay her rent on time, but starting from April of last year, she stopped completely.

Lilian Mbabazi has been providing reasons for not paying her rent, such as frequently moving in and out of the country.

The houses are meant for business, and she hasn’t vacated them, which has led to police involvement in the matter.

Mr. Sitran Deshpande, along with his lawyer, has stated that they want Lilian Mbabazi to leave the house and pay the overdue rent.

They mentioned that they have been playing a game of hide and seek with her for 18 months, and Mr. Sitran Deshpande also has his own businesses that rely on the rent money.

“I have been Lilian Mbabazi’s landlord for six years, and she used to be a reliable tenant who paid her rent on time. However, since April 2022, she hasn’t been able to pay as she used to. Whenever I try to talk to her, she provides excuses, and sometimes she doesn’t even answer,” said the landlord.

It’s worth noting that Lilian Mbabazi is not the first musician to be in the media for not paying rent. Other artists have also faced similar issues and even abandoned rented houses without paying rent for several years.