Lira City Parents School Shines Bright with All 33 Candidates Excelling in Mock Exams

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In the recently released primary leaving mock results, Lira City Parents School emerged as number one, with all 33 candidates who sat for the exams passing with flying colors in Division One.

Okello Amos, the Deputy Headteacher of the school, spoke to this publication in an interview from his office on Tuesday, stating that all the candidates who took the mock examinations passed in Division One.

Otim Douglas, the Deputy Headteacher in charge of administration, mentioned that last year, out of 30 pupils who took the PLE, all of them passed in Division One, making them the best in Lira City.

However, Douglas has high expectations that all 33 candidates who will sit for the PLE exams in 2023 (this year) will achieve good grades in Division One, with a larger number expected to perform at the highest level, aggregate 4 (Division One). City Parents School Lira was established in the year 2022.

Currently, the school has eight teachers in the P7 class and a total of 30 teachers for both the Nursery and Primary sections. The school has also awarded the best-performing pupils by exempting them from paying school fees for a term. They also award medals for the first, second, and third positions based on performance. “Actually, by the end of this term, we awarded all the best performers right from Nursery up to Primary Seven with various gifts,” stated Okello.

It’s important to note that none of the candidates has scored any grade other than Division One since the school’s opening in 2022.

In a related development, a brilliant candidate named Okullu Hasim, who achieved an aggregate of 4, scored 97 in Mathematics, 90 in Social Studies (SST), 95 in Science, and 97 in English. Okullu was the sole candidate to achieve an aggregate of 4 in the entirety of Lira City in the recently concluded mock examinations released last week.

According to Deputy Headteacher Mr. Okello Amos, they are elated as it seems that their prayers have been answered regarding the students’ performance. “This is a true sign that God is with us,” said Okello. He pointed out that not every child can perform at their best in Division One, but they anticipate more pupils passing in Division One with an aggregate of 4 in the upcoming PLE exams this year.

A parent who preferred to remain anonymous in this publication informed our reporter that the school is likely to experience rapid academic growth due to the professional teachers the school has in place.

Dr. Jasper Abura, the principal City Education Officer, emphasized in his speech during the release of the primary Mock Examination results last week, the need for Headteachers and teachers to double their efforts to achieve better results in the forthcoming PLE exams for the year 2023.

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