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Mao Urges Peaceful Transfer of Leadership in Uganda

mao urges peaceful transfer of leadership in uganda
mao urges peaceful transfer of leadership in uganda
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The Constitutional Affairs Minister and Democratic Party (DP) President, Nobert Mao, has called upon President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to lead the way in ensuring a peaceful transfer of power. Speaking during DP grassroots mobilization efforts in Jinja city over the weekend, Mao emphasized the need for Uganda to break from its history of violent power transitions, which have hindered the nation’s progress.

Mao acknowledged Museveni’s role in driving economic transformation in Uganda and suggested that a peaceful transfer of power would allow future generations to build upon this progress. He pointed out that while Ugandans appreciate the current stability, there is a growing desire for a peaceful change of leadership. Such a transition, according to Mao, would not only secure Museveni’s legacy but also protect the country’s development under his leadership.

Mao expressed his commitment to facilitating a peaceful power handover and called for collective support from DP and all Ugandans, both at home and abroad. He highlighted the turbulent political history of Uganda, including events in 1971, 1979, 1985, and 1986, which had negative consequences locally and internationally. Mao emphasized that he is actively engaged in efforts to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

In addition to advocating for a peaceful transition, Mao urged Museveni to address issues such as corruption and tribalism, which he believes are hindering Uganda’s overall growth. He criticized some government officials for abusing their power and depriving the majority of Ugandans of opportunities for national development.

Meanwhile, Ismael Kiirya, the President of Uganda Young Democrats, called upon the youth to focus their energies on constructive pursuits that would enable them to participate actively in the peaceful transition of power without resorting to violence.