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MPs Question Government Expenditure on Expensive Goats

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Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) engaged officials from the agriculture ministry regarding the expenditure of sh7.4m on goats procured under the Goat Rollout Project during a recent session. The committee sought clarification on the significant amount spent and raised concerns over the reported outcome of the project.

It has come to light that the goats purchased under this project experienced adverse health issues, leading to their untimely demise within the first week of acquisition. This revelation has prompted scrutiny into the procurement process and the quality of the goats supplied to the government.

PAC’s investigation revealed alarming findings, indicating that the contractor responsible for supplying the goats provided animals that were sickly and emaciated. Despite the substantial investment of sh7.4m per goat, the delivered livestock failed to meet the expected standards, resulting in financial loss for the government.

The committee expressed deep concern over the apparent mismanagement of funds and the failure to ensure the welfare of the purchased goats. Questions were raised regarding the oversight mechanisms in place to prevent such instances of malpractice and financial mismanagement within government procurement processes.

As discussions unfolded, PAC underscored the need for accountability and transparency in all government expenditures, particularly those related to projects aimed at enhancing agricultural development. The committee emphasized the importance of conducting thorough assessments and quality checks to safeguard public funds and ensure the success of initiatives such as the Goat Rollout Project.

Furthermore, PAC stressed the significance of holding accountable those responsible for the procurement of the substandard goats. It urged the relevant authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly and take appropriate action to address any instances of negligence or misconduct.