Mubende municipality gets 14 billion shillings for roads construction

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KAARO KARUNGI | MUBENDE –  The government has allocated over 14 Billion Shillings to Mubende municipality for road construction under World Bank support.

Frank Mpewo, the Mubende municipality deputy town clerk says that the fund will construct more than 3 roads in the municipality, mainly Lubanga road (0.996 km), Second Link road (0 .8 km), and Kasaana-Kabalega road (0 .85km). The contract was awarded to a Chinese company (CHINA –WU-YI- CO.LTD ).

While launching the construction of these roads at the municipality head offices, the Mubende municipality deputy town clerk Frank Mpewo said that they expect the work to take 18 months and all the roads will be finished.

Mpewo requested the contractor to ensure that the businesses of people do not stop when they are working but to create some diversions to enable the people to operate their businesses.

The Mubende Resident District Commissioner Mary Nyakwera Baguma has asked the contractor to do quality work that reflects the amount of money that has been invested in the project.

Mpewo added the roads that they are going to construct are going to have pedestrian ways, bicycle ways, and good street lights. He says that they have put up a complaints desks where people who have complaints should approach the said desks.

The Mubende Municipality Mayor Innocent Ssekizivu has had issues with the contractors for delaying to sign the agreement yet they had already been awarded the contract.

Zherog Guijin, the project manager of CHINA –WU-YI- CO.LTD says that they are going to use the local people when they are constructing the roads and requested the leaders not to fear as they are going to award jobs to the youth in the community.

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