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Museveni Appoints Over 180 Bazzukulu under Hajjat Uzeiye (ONC) to monitor Gov’t Programmes


By AKAMPA Tanbull

Well, it will no longer be business as usual in Uganda in as far as the war against corruption, monitoring of Government Programmes, and Service delivery within the NRM Manifesto is concerned.

The last 4/5 days a number of Bazzukulu who were identified from all the Sub regions of Uganda came together starting from Tuesday 7th February 2023, went through induction, training, and brainstorming on how to address Uganda’s challenges like corruption, poverty eradication, how to be Patriotic and overseeing some of the Government Programmes like Emyooga, the now popular Parish Development Model (PDM) that are aimed at eradicating poverty and improving on household incomes of Ugandans.

The sessions had many facilitators from different walks of life including the head of Political intelligence ISO- Afande Frank Banana, State House Controller- Madam Jane Barekye, Presidential Political Advisor-Mr David Mafaabi, NRM Vice Chairman- Alhaji Moses Kigongo, NRM Youth League Chairman- Hajji Nassur Gadaffi, Resident City Commissioner of Lubaga- Mr Anderson Burora among others.

They all called on Bazzukulu Ba Museveni to be disciplined even when they have been assigned by the President of Uganda, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa.

The team will be reporting to Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo, Chief Muzzukulu Wa Museveni, President’s Personal Assistant and head of Office of the National Chairman of the Movement, National Resistance Movement (NRM). Hajjat Uzeiye equally called upon the appointed Bazzukulu to be humble will carrying out Mzee’s Museveni’s assignments of fighting corruption, overseeing Government Programmes (NRM Manifesto implementation) so as to build a better Uganda.

Each Cordinator/Muzzukulu Wa Museveni was equipped with a smart phone, a laptop and deployed to the field on probational basis.

The ONC Spokesperson Mr Ibrahim Kitata, while talking to the media, said the Bazzukulu have the task to make sure that Government services reach all Ugandans, especially President Museveni’s Bazzukulu and the poor Ugandans to improve on their incomes and well being.

See the list of Bazzukulu Ba Museveni Cordinators.

Check the list here

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