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Disaster Minister Warns of Impending Heavy Rains

Beware of heavy rains – Minister Onek
Beware of heavy rains – Minister Onek
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  • Minister Onek Issues Alert for Heavy Rainfall
  • El Nino Brings Threat of Heavy Rains – Minister’s Warning
  • Minister Onek Urges Preparedness for Upcoming Heavy Rains

The Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, Eng. Hilary Onek, has called upon relevant authorities to get ready to handle potential challenges caused by the El Nino conditions predicted to occur from now until December.

A recent forecast by the Uganda Meteorological Authority indicates that the country is expected to have above-average or enhanced rainfall (El Nino) from September to December. This forecast suggests that it could disrupt daily life, impact economic activities, and result in livelihood losses.

The Minister mentioned that heavy rainfall could persist until early next year, particularly affecting regions prone to natural disasters such as floods and mudslides, including Rwenzori, Elgon, and parts of Central Uganda.

“We are already seeing signs of adverse weather conditions with reports of damage in several districts,” stated Onek. “Schools and public structures might encounter lightning, devastating storms, rising water levels, and floods, making it difficult for students to learn, especially during the final term of our school calendar.”

Additionally, he warned of the potential for waterborne diseases like cholera to break out during this period. Onek also highlighted an increased risk of drowning due to rising water levels in lakes and rivers, which could lead to population displacement.

Onek assured that the Office of the Prime Minister will work closely with the Uganda National Meteorological Authority and partners like the Uganda Red Cross to monitor the situation, provide regular updates, and respond effectively.