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Uganda Sets May 2024 for National Census

uganda sets may 2024 for national census
uganda sets may 2024 for national census
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The Uganda Government has announced new dates for the national population census, scheduled to begin on May 10, 2024. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), responsible for the census, had initially planned it for August but postponed it due to logistical delays, mainly in acquiring the necessary tablets for the digital approach.

Last week, the Cabinet passed a resolution to conduct the census, and Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister for ICT and National Guidance, confirmed this during a press conference in Kampala. He mentioned that the government would secure over Shs130 billion in funding by May next year to carry out the enumeration exercise across the country.

The new census night has been designated as May 9, followed by the actual population enumeration on May 10, which will be observed as a public holiday. Dr. Baryomunsi stated that the process would span at least 10 days.

The postponement of this census, the sixth since independence, was due to UBOS’ inability to secure Shs134 billion from the finance ministry, which faced difficulties in raising the funds amid potential funding reductions resulting from the recently passed Anti-Homosexuality Law.

However, Dr. Baryomunsi assured the public that all logistical issues causing the delay had been resolved. He also highlighted that this would be the first census to employ digital systems, which would likely result in faster result releases compared to previous manual censuses.

The last census in 2014 estimated Uganda’s population at 36 million, and it is currently believed to have exceeded 45 million people. Census data plays a critical role in guiding national planning, policy formulation, program implementation, and development progress monitoring in alignment with the National Development Plan (NDP III) objectives.

UBOS intends to recruit and deploy approximately 120,000 individuals across the country to assist with the enumeration exercise. The national housing and population census is a mandatory requirement for all UN member countries and should be conducted every ten years to facilitate proper planning for their respective populations.