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Uganda’s Low Cost Road Upgrade Initiative Gains Momentum


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The Ministry of Works and Transport in Uganda has started a plan to make community roads in the country better. They are using low-cost methods to do this.

The aim of this plan is to help people connect better and have easier access to business opportunities, while also keeping the costs low.

Vice President Jessica Alupo visited some roads in Katakwi District to start road construction projects using these low-cost methods. She said this will help people in the country who have been struggling with bad roads for a long time.

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Musa Ecweru, the State Minister for Works and Transport, said that in Katakwi, four important roads that connect different areas and ferry services will get better. They are also planning to make water transport better to help move things and people around the country, including Katakwi.

In Getom subcounty, Katakwi, the Vice President started work on a 7km road called Getom-Toroma. This road will be improved by CME Enterprise Limited in one year, and it will cost shs 1.9 billion.

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People in the district are excited about the construction work. They hope that their roads will get better, and this will bring more opportunities and better access to important services.

Bad roads have made it hard for people to take their things to the market, and this has stopped them from making more money and growing.

Emmanuel Twinobaze, the assistant commissioner in charge of roads, said that by using low-cost methods, the government wants to give a long-lasting solution to this problem. These methods not only cost less but also make the roads last longer.

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As the construction work starts, people are looking forward to seeing their roads get better. They believe that this will bring more opportunities and make it easier to get to important services.