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“Muhoozi Will Be Uganda’s President As Long As He Lives. ” Frank Gashumba


Frank Gashumba, has expressed that however long Muhoozi is as yet alive, he will one day become president. Frank was answering to people who have continued to say the First Son can’t be their leader.
While on the night show on NBS, Frank says Ugandans are in for the greatest shock of their life assuming that this is their thought process.

Truth be told, Frank says in the event that Muhoozi sent off an ideological group, people would happily participate. He says even they that left DP for NUP would cross to Muhoozi Political party. He felt free to say individuals ought to see the value in that out of Museveni’s family, three commanders have approached. Notwithstanding, people didn’t appear to be excessively content with him in the comment segment. A large portion of the individuals from general society said Gashumba is on the job.
” My dear, the hooligan is safeguarded by SFC as he has a place with the group of thugs bunch whose cases include misrepresentation, wholesale fraud, and advancing the undeniable is his set of working responsibilities or probably he will be in the coolers. He’s on the job, ” A One Anne Kabagema Said.

” BATEMBUZI” HISTORY. There came when Ruhanga’s s child Isaza, wondering for no specific reason chose to investigate the Hidden World. He has entranced with the various ways of life individuals of the Hidden world lived and remained over for quite a while. This set of experiences is rehashed in Uganda today, ” A One Katuntu Steven Said.
Indeed, all things considered, the overall races in 2026 will most likely determine what’s going on with everything when we see what Muhoozi will do then.
After very nearly 10 years of theories, Lt- Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba recently openly communicated his advantage in succeeding his dad Yoweri Museveni as leader of Uganda. Uganda’s First Son and Previous commandant of the nation’s land forces originally flagged his longing to open up to the world about his Presidential desires when he favourably turned his 48th birthday festivities towards the finish of April into a public occasion.

With a few merriments coordinated countrywide and the headliner at State House graced by President Museveni and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, the MKAt48 birthday festivities made all in all a buzz in the media and were considered by a larger number of people to be a work to make Gen Muhoozi well known as he readies the ground for a shot at the next presidential elections.

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