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Ugandans Encouraged to Support Local Literature

ugandans encouraged to support local literature
ugandans encouraged to support local literature

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Principal Judge Dr. Flavian Zeija, speaking at the launch of the book “Small Book of Big Quotes” authored by the Judiciary’s Permanent Secretary in Kampala, urged everyone who appreciates Ugandan writers to give them more attention instead of primarily favoring foreign authors.

Zeija expressed his concern about the prevalence of knowledge regarding books by European and other foreign authors among the educated elite, while limited attention is given to writers from their own country.

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He remarked, “In many political speeches, references are made to figures like Roosevelt and Napoleon, which is not objectionable. However, we should also embrace our local authors because when you quote a Ugandan writer, it can inspire more people to buy and read their books. This, in turn, creates a larger market for their works and fosters a culture of reading.”

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The Principal Judge emphasized that by engaging with literature from their own communities, individuals can appreciate the diverse range of voices that mirror their world.

“Local writers bring forth a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives. Their experiences and insights are shaped by the communities, cultures, and landscapes we are part of.”