No one has attempted to murder me, Hajji Kashaka

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KAARO KARUNGI | MBARARA CITY – City businessman Hajji Kashaka of Kashaka hardware has refuted reports claiming that he survived being murdered by a group of armed people last week.

The reports have it clear that it all started when the successful businessman agreed with brokers as he sold his land in Mbarara city at ugx300 million but the brokers sold it at ugx600 million.

The buyer deposited the 600 million on Kashaka’s account and he realized it wasn’t obligatory and correct to let the brokers take the extra 300 million so he wanted to give them ugx50 million and remain with 550 instead of 300 million, which they rejected.

Reports further put it that within the same week, he was reportedly surrounded by armed people during his usual business and they forced him to call his family and deposit the ugx300 on their account or he loses his life, prompting him to avoid the latter.

Contrary to the reports, Kashaka this morning, Friday, April 23, 2021 told Kaaro Karungi news desk that he wasn’t attacked and hasn’t sold his land.

‘‘I have not even seen that 600 million, tell them that that’s nonsense,’’ he added.

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