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Nsereko’s Computer Misuse Law Set to be Withdrawn, Activists Vows


Human Rights activists and a group of citizens have reportedly conveyed distress at President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s assent to the contentious Computer Misuse Act and pledged to protest the law in courts of law.

Ever since its overture, activists have named the Bill as one aimed at restraining the public, and or targeting specific individuals considered objectionable. They are nervous that if left as is, it will be a huge hit to freedom of speech, freedom embedded in the nation’s Legislation.

According to the state house communication team statement, Museveni consented to the fresh law, along with three other bills, the Physical Planners Registration Act, The Kampala Capital City Authority Amendment Act, and The Mining and Minerals Act on Thursday.
Meanwhile, the Computer Misuse Act initiates disciplinary criteria against social media users who deliver violent and unsought data as well as share information about kids without the approval of their parents or caretakers.

Socialites who share data about kids without permission of parents or caretakers encounter five years in prison and or a penalty of UGX15M.
Video or voice recording a person without permission draws a 10- year penalty in jail or a UGX15m fine.

Section 23(A) of the Constitution formulates the offense of ” hate speech, ” which comprises the composition, delivering, or sharing of any data through a computer, which is inclined to humiliate, degrade or demean another individual, faction of individuals, tribe, race, religion, or gender. If convicted, one encounters seven years in jail or a fine of UGX 10m.

Similarly, the Act also establishes the crime of abuse of social media against an individual who utilizes the outlets to disseminate, distribute or share data, forbidden under the statutes of Uganda or wielding concealed or treacherous identity.

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