“NUP has never been a political party” Mubarak Munyagwa

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KAARO KARUNGI | KAMPALA – The National Unity Platform right from it’ s roots of the People Power movement has faced many challenges on different opinion holders on whether it is a party or not. Turned from the NURP, the party faced opposition from the former party owners and members who took NUP to court for acquiring the party and changing it’ s ownership and leadership illegally. Later the President was calling it ” a goon of drug addicts. ”

The National Unity Platform took new shape when the party participated in the last general elections where it won a number of seats in Parliament and also pulled first runner up in the presidential race for the NUP’ s party president Hon: Robert Kyagulanyi. The party has now become the leading opposition in Parliament and even named the shadow cabinet

Speaking to to the press, Munyagwa says his pain for the new political party was when the NUP failed to recognize the contribution of Dr Kiiza Besigye to the politics of the opposition in Uganda. ” Dr. Kiiza Besigye has contributed so much to the opposition and he is the sole reason that made me join FDC, for one to claim that He was a mole is what made me loose confidence in Kyagulanyi and I can never put myself closer to just a party. ” Says Mubarak Munyagwa whose opinion seems not much different from that of the Nakawa Deputy RCC Hon: Anderson

He says ” it’ s a myth to say that NUP is a political party” citing that many of the party members who are in the NUP are those that have been there before and that NUP is not bringing anything new on the table. He says all these are MPs have been in these positions and failed to deliver, meaning that according to him the party is just an old wine in the new bottle

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