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NUP MPs summoned for another retreat

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KAARO KARUNGI | NEWS – The opposition National Unity Platform party leadership has once again summoned its affiliated members of parliament to hold round table discussions regarding their next political course of action, this site has reliably learnt.
A source familiar with the developments says the move is meant to guide the newly elected legislators to adhere to the oath they took last month in Jinja. The retreat comes at a time when parliament is to conclude its ongoing 4 day inauguration ceremony which ends today.
One of the issues to discuss is the speakership race.

The gathering will manage its individuals on whom to cast a ballot,” our recognizable source uncovers. “In any case, once more, you should review that the gathering has been changing its constitution. A refreshed form of the gathering constitution is probably going to be given to every individual from parliament,” our source adds.

With the subsequent retreat set to start off this end of the week, vulnerability stays on whether NUP will convey its own contender to participate in the contested race for speaker.

The confirming board which was comprised to survey the intrigued NUP up-and-comers couldn’t share the subtleties of the individuals who had so far communicated their advantage to represent the opening however a council part told this columnist that solitary Rubaga North’s Abubaker Kawalya had presented his qualifications to challenge. Notwithstanding, this advisory group part couldn’t show apparent verification when requested to impart to this journalist.

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