Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu Kingdom demands Elwelu apology and resignation.

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KAARO KARUNGI | KASESE – The Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu kingdom has expressed its discontent with the bitter assertions made by the UPDF representative to the eleventh parliament, Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu who bragged about making over 154 families lose their people to an invasion on the Kasese 5 years ago.
The Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu kingdom officials now say these disgraceful comments by Elwelu must be withdrawn publicly and he issues an apology and a resignation from official UPDF duties.

In his post-introduction comments, a cheerful Elwelu obviously put it that he was so energized for the mass slaughtering he managed saying he was doing it for the wellbeing of the country.

“Kasese individuals merited demise,” Elwelu legitimately commented.

“What are you discussing? I don’t lament slaughtering them. Those individuals had the right to bite the dust. They were rebels who needed to upset the tranquility of the country. Kasese presently finds harmony in light of my great choice,” he added.

The Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu realm authorities currently say these shocking remarks by Elwelu should be removed openly and he gives an expression of remorse and an abdication from true UPDF obligations. “Those remarks are excessively unfeeling. They will trigger rage in our kin yet Kasese was near recuperation from the injuries perpetrated by this specific assault,” Kule Kingdom official said. “We need Elwelu to pull out his comments and step down as well. We are fighting these harsh comments,” he added.

It ought to be noticed that for over the previous years, Rwenzururu realm has been in constant disagreement with the domineering system of Gen. Yoweri Museveni which they blame for planning coercion and misuse of the mineral rich area. The realm almost requested a withdrawal in the wake of acknowledging it could never profit by the income gathered from its regular assets. The move was anyway repulsed by the UPDF which attacked the Kasese castle on the disastrous day of November, 26.

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