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Odonga Otto: Bobi Wine Unfit to Lead Uganda Due to Lack of Know-How

Odonga-Otto. (Photo: -X-Twitter)
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Odonga Otto: Bobi Wine Unfit to Lead Uganda Due to Lack of Know-How: Former Member of Parliament for Aruu North County, Samuel Odonga Otto, has voiced his criticism against Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, the Leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), for hastily accusing former Leader of the Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga.

Otto argued that Kyagulanyi’s swift judgment not only highlights his lack of information but also questions his suitability for the presidency of Uganda.

The recent call by the NUP leadership for Mpuuga’s resignation, who serves as the party’s deputy president in the Buganda region, has sparked controversy. Allegations of corruption and abuse of office prompted this call, which Mpuuga refuted in a statement released on Friday, denying any fraudulent receipt of a Shs500 million ‘service award’ from Parliament.

The escalating conflict between the two leaders, extensively covered by the media, underscores differences in their approaches to governance and accountability.


Mpuuga clarified that the funds he received were allocated to him legally by a Commission during his tenure as Leader of the Opposition and underwent thorough scrutiny by parliamentary committees.

In a video clip, Otto dismissed Kyagulanyi’s accusations against Mpuuga as mere political tactics, stressing the necessity for leaders to have a comprehensive understanding of the law.

Reflecting on legislative matters during his tenure, Otto highlighted the evolution of benefits for high-ranking officials, expressing concern over the exclusion of the Leader of the Opposition from these entitlements.

Otto criticized the Parliamentary Commission for its handling of the issue, suggesting the need for amendments to ensure fairness in the treatment of parliamentary leaders.

He emphasized the importance of statutory entitlements for the Leader of the Opposition and advocated for the inclusion of former opposition leaders in the law.

While acknowledging Mpuuga’s acceptance of the allocated funds and thanking him for his service, Otto underscored the need for accountability, particularly regarding the significant salary of the Speaker of Parliament.

Souce: The Ankole Times