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Erute North Aspirant Says Both President Museveni And General Muhoozi Are Fit For 2026 Election 20th August 2023 Lira

Ebong Jimmy Sam
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Warrant Officer 1 (RTD) Ebong Jimmy Sam, who formerly contested in Erute North under the NRM ticket, praises both President General Yoweri Museveni Kaguta and General MK Kaneiruga as capable leaders for the 2026 elections.

While addressing the media from the Pacific Grand Hotel in Lira City on Sunday, RTD Warrant Officer 1 Sam Ebong Jimmy said, in his own opinion as a mature and concerned citizen, he believes that both President General Yoweri Museveni Kaguta and his son General MK Kaneiruga are fit to lead Uganda in 2026.

The Capability of President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta: In his speech, Ebong said Museveni is well recognized for his leadership in uniting all the parties in Uganda, bringing them to work together with the NRM ruling party. He referenced ongoing agreements, including one with DP Map, among other undisclosed parties. Mr. Ebong also praised President Museveni for signing the Anti-Homosexuality bill into law, which has gained him about 90 percent support from the public across the country.

Ebong encouraged Ugandans not to fear threats from some gay supporters, asserting that President Museveni can continue leading the country with or without their funding. He thanked H.E General Yoweri Museveni for employing the children of former presidents in his government.

Former Erute North County aspirant Warrant Officer 1 (RTD) Sam Ebong congratulated President Museveni for initiating wealth creation programs that have transformed the country into a middle-income economy.

He added that socio-economic transformation and wealth creation programs such as PDM, Emyoga, YLP, and UWEP, which target all age brackets including youth, women, and elders, demonstrate Museveni’s efforts to reduce poverty in Uganda.

The Advantages of General Muhoozi Kaneiruga: According to Ebong, General MK Kaneiruga is a committed, peaceful, courageous, and disciplined soldier who has achieved numerous successes in Uganda and internationally within a short period. He is warmly welcomed wherever he visits in the country. Ebong thanked MK Kaneiruga for his strong mobilization skills, as witnessed during his recent visit to Bukedea in Teso sub-region.

He highlighted the shift in support within Greater Kampala, noting that around 70 percent of the youth in Buganda Region now support MK Kaneiruga. Muhoozi’s mobilization efforts have also led to significant changes in Central Region, including areas around Greater Kampala, Greater Masaka, and Mbarara.

Moreover, General Muhoozi recently compensated over 200 people whose cattle were stolen by Karimojong cattle rustlers in Agago district, demonstrating his ability to deliver for the people.

Observations and Appeal of Ebong to the People of Erute North County: Ebong, who has expressed interest in contesting under the NRM ticket in Erute North in 2026, suggested that if President Museveni decides to retire from active politics, Muhoozi is a suitable candidate to replace him due to their leadership qualities. Ebong asserted his readiness to campaign for the NRM party in 2026, seeking logistical support. He encouraged the people of Erute North and Lango sub-region to support his bid for a Parliamentary seat. As an NRM cadre, he believes he can effectively serve in the 12th Parliament, working to provide essential services such as clean water, good roads, market development, maternity ward construction, upgrading health centers to district hospitals, providing new community-managed ambulances, and offering microfinance support to auxiliary financial groups.

In conclusion, Ebong Sam Jimmy, RTD Warrant Officer 1, expressed his opinion that both Gen Muhoozi and General Yoweri Museveni possess the qualities needed to lead Uganda, despite the presence of other candidates.

“I state all of this for God and my country.” Ebong Jimmy Sam (RTD) Warrant Officer 1 Telephone: 0776591847 Email: ebongsam1@gmail.com

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