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For one to understand what we have termed as the the Baryarwanda Question, it is very important for one to first understand how the Baryarwanda where organised politically before the coming of foreigners and also their geographical zones and their movements.

With all this well revised and researched information, you will finally come to realise why it is of no use for the continuous call, blame, discrimination and tension that has been put on the Baryarwanda community in uganda most especially in the Pre election period by different groups of people and different communities.
To commence with, we would like our readers to first know that the coming of the first tutsi (Baryarwanda) to the ugandan community dates back in the early 1500 which led to the birth and rise of some tribes most especially in the currently Kigezi region and others in the areas of Zaire.
The intermarriages between these the tutsi and the natives whom they found in the kigezi region finally led to the birth of another group of people ie the Bahororo in Rujumbura. (we may read about Mpororo kingdom with time to come) and also the banyamulegye in Zaire.
Briefly this is highlight that we may add on next time.

But what is most important we would like to talk about the Tutsi who joined Uganda in 1830s and their impact and also the biggest effect that came in between 1959-1962 when the Hutu had replaced the tutsi empire where by it is estimated that 336000 Rwandans fled to uganda, remember this number was almost equal to half of its population by that time.
And again our last emphasis will be on those who came in the early 90s and after the genocide of 1994.
Then finally, we will discuss how they strategically positioned themselves in different areas here in uganda and the reasons why we say that Ugandans should simply learn how to live with them.
I would like to teach my readers that without knowing the history of these Baryarwanda it will be impossible for you to understand what we have termed as the Baryarwanda Question and similarly you will remain with very many challenging questions as far as their stay in uganda is concerned.

So therefore, by 1830s, uganda most especially Bufumbira region experienced what they termed as struggle for dominance of power(leadership). This came after the hutu and the Batwa had fled Rwanda from the tutsi domination who had found them their but later escaped from their domination. They came and settled in Bufumbira hence finally intermarried with the natives.
Later alone the tutsi again under their Kings of those days sent their sons to Bufumbira region which resulted into what they called struggle for dominace. To cut the story short, the tutsi having collaborated with the natives again defeated the hutu and ruled them.
The intermarriages resulted to the birth of Bufumbira as a tribe which originated from their area of residence Bufumbira hence they where called abafumbira.
The Bufumbira has of now also migrated to other parts of the country but what Ugandans should know is that these also where Baryarwanda and as of now some are our wives and others our sisters hence this becomes one among the reasons why Ugandans must simply learn to live with them as the bond dates back more than 191years as we speak now.

So therefore, let Ugandans know that these Bufumbira who majorly live kisoro district today are a mixture of natives, hutu and tutsi who all came from Rwanda but have been here more than 191years. They have migrated to different parts of the country and have also intermarried with other ethnic groups and tribes in uganda.
They have contributed both economically, politically and socially.

As we are still on introduction in order to make one understand that the Baryarwanda Question is an old aged question that Ugandans shouldn’t ignore and also to make one understand that its a combination of many factors of which some are old aged which makes us conclude by saying Ugandans should simply learn to live with them.

Our most big emphasis will be on the 1959-1962 revolutions in Rwanda that created a big impact and this will be in our part two.



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