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Parliament passes Motion Commending Japan For ‘Aid’ To Uganda


Parliament has passed a motion commending the Japanese Government through their investment arm of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the commendable contribution towards the development of Uganda.

This followed a motion tabled by Charles Onen (Gulu East) seeking Parliament to commend JICA for the commendable contribution towards the development of Northern Uganda during plenary sitting.

Onen asked Government to strengthen and consolidate this cooperation to meet national objectives in line with directives and principles stated in the constitution.

He also called on Parliament to evaluate and assess major loan agreements and ascertain the risk on social economic progress of the country to avoid the risk of giving up national assets as is the case to the international airport.

James Baba (Koboko County) who was former Ambassador to Tokyo testified that around 2000, because of financial difficulties, Uganda took a decision to close some of its missions abroad and one of the missions that was listed was Tokyo, however President Museveni protested the proposal to close Tokyo Mission warning that although Tokyo city is expensive, it would be a mistake to close mission in Japan.

He also called on the Ministry of Works and Transport to revive discussions with Japan on the failed revival to rehabilitate the railway line in order to create efficiency in Uganda’s transport sector.

“While I was there, the Japanese Government initiated discussions about rehabilitate our old railway system and said that would be the most viable thing on reviving the transport system in Uganda. But somehow, our technical people insisted on Standard Gauge Railway, until they told them that it is very expensive, unsustainable and therefore grew cold feet,” said Baba.

He added, “I hope the Ministry of Works can revive this interest so that we can revive the old railway network properly to serve the majority of Ugandans and to improve transport efficiency in this country.”

Former State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Musa Ecweru, who is currently State Minister for Works said that when, Juba nearly collapsed and big number of refugees crossed into Uganda, there were questions on whether Government had the financial muscles to look after refugees, but Japan with other donors came to the aid of refugees.

He thanked Japan for investing in the road infrastructure in West Nile region after refugees flocked into Uganda.

Kasule Lumumba, Deputy Prime Minister (General Duties) thanked Japan for not meddling in the business of Uganda, unlike other western powers.

She remarked, “I also want to thank the people of Japan, for the mutual respect you accord us and we accord each other. We have worked with several development partners, but at times, there are people who help Uganda but they go beyond boundaries, but you have respected the sovereignty of Uganda.”

This statement prompted Ibrahim Ssemujju (Kira Municipality) to task Lumumba to explain to Parliament which particular nations have meddled and undermined Uganda’s sovereignty so as to make it clear for JICA not to step those boundaries.

“She has made a very strong statement that there are people who help Uganda but they go beyond the boundaries. What are those boundaries because JICA tomorrow may go beyond those boundaries, so you tell them, what those boundaries are? And help us know, those who have gone beyond those boundaries?” asked Ssemujju.

Lumumba replied saying she wasn’t talking about physical boundaries that separate different nations, but terms Uganda agrees with other nations for cooperation that some partners at times abuse.

Christine Kaaya (DWR Kiboga) thanked JICA for highlighting the plight of poverty in Northern Region pointing out that, “When everybody was like Uganda our poverty status is the same, JICA came out strongly and bought to attention that northern Uganda poverty was higher than the rest of the country.”

Aisa Agaba (Bungangaizi East) who also seconded the motion applauded JICA for focusing on improving the environment in order to ensure sustainable growth, improving and raising income of people in rural areas.

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