Parliament to support ailing MP Ssegirinya

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The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga, said on Monday that he learned of Ssegirinya’s condition last week and that the office of the Leader of the Opposition has been following the matter to ensure that he is supported.

Mpuuga said that Ssegirinya traveled to the Netherlands without notifying the Leader of the Opposition office or the NUP party headquarters. He said that he has communicated the matter to the party leadership, including President Robert Kyagulanyi.

Parliament director of communication and public affairs Chris Obore said that the House cannot neglect any MP when they have health complications. He said that there is an insurance scheme for each member and immediate family, but that Parliament only foots the medical bills for treatment outside the country upon clearance by the Medical Board.

Obore faulted Ssegirinya for traveling abroad for medical attention without the Medical Board’s clearance and without notifying the Speaker of Parliament or the Leader of the Opposition. He said that this makes it difficult for Parliament to process public funds for Ssegirinya’s treatment.

Obore said that Ssegirinya’s handlers have been reaching out to Parliament and that the procedure for seeking medical treatment outside the country has been explained to them. He said that it is not a good example to set to go to social media to attract public sympathy while ignoring the law.

Ssegirinya’s supporters have taken to social media to call for financial help for his treatment. They have also criticized Parliament for not doing more to support him.

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