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Pastor Ssenyonga vows to crash ‘fake’ pastors who have ganged up to blackmail him

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KAARO KARUNGI | KAMPALA – Christian Life Church senior pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has dismissed with contempt reports that he has been defrauding millions of shillings from fellow pastors.
Pastor Ssenyonga says, the reports were a manifestation that he is on the verge of defeating ‘agents of the devil in the church of God that he has been fighting tooth and nail, for the last decade.
“They have felt the fire. I am going to double it. I will not give up until I defeat these devil’s agents.”
Ssenyonga says that the preachers he has been castigating over the years had ganged up and thought they could silence him with malicious reports about him. Ssenyonga told a confidant.
“None of what they are saying has an ounce of truth. We shall defeat them and their agents,” he said, adding, “I am not surprised that fake preachers and homosexual pastors have ganged up to blackmail him.”
I expected this to happen a long time ago. Now, they are hiding behind unknown social media accounts to fight me. I will not stop exposing them until they stop the deception, confess and turn to God”.
The pastor who has a megachurch in Makerere, alongside his Top Media franchise (Top TV, Top Radio) has been on the forefront of exposing pastors he claims are ‘fake’. His preaching in church and on his media have testimonies from believers who share their experiences of being conned, extorted, or sexually abused by some big pastors in and around Kampala.
Ssenyonga who has made it his business to name and shame the said preachers is now on spot over claims by pastors hailing from Greater Luweero who accuse the Christian Life Church lead preacher and colleagues of conning them their hard-earned money through his ‘bye bye biwempe’ campaign.
The accusations, according to reports, dating back to 2005 when Ssenyonga allegedly sought to intervene, unite preachers and help them build better houses of God. That he also claimed to network them with sponsors and top government officials.
One of the pastors, Moses Akampulira whose statement has been circulating on social media in the past couple of days said pastors asked sh20,000 each for registration. The pastor says churches were not built till today.
However, Mr. Richard Ssemuwemba, one of the attendants at Christian Life Church wonders why it has taken Akampulira 16 good years to come out to demand his Shs20,000 from Pastor Ssenyonga.
“This shows ill will. If he knows where to find Pastor Ssenyonga, why doesn’t he go to him and demand to be reimbursed his money, so that he could say, the pastor refused to refund his money? This guy is a fat liar.” Ssemuwemba wondered.
Alice Namwebe too queried the motive of Pr Ssenyonga’s accusers.
“When I heard the reports. I honestly believed they were accusing him of taking at least a million shilling from each of them, you cannot say someone conned you of sh20,000 and you are a serious pastor. These guys are very unserious.”
“When we come to churches, we give more than sh20,000 in tithe, offertory, development, or whatever activity for the church. If these people ever prayed with Pastor Ssenyonga, maybe they gave that money as a seed for ministry. We know Pastor Ssenyonga helps pastors to build churches, but it is not fair for anyone to say they were conned of sh20,000 and were expecting a fully built church! Clearly, there is something wrong here. It does not make sense to me.” Namwebe said.
The founder of Christian Life Ministries who writes on his LinkedIn page that he wants to be “a catalyst for bringing leaders across denominations together in cities across America as well as many other nations”, is a non-conformist preacher who has stepped on many toes of preachers with his abrasive, straight to the point preaching. His style of preaching has earned him many admirers and haters.

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