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Pastor’s Hands, Legs Chopped Off After Caught With Another Man’s Wife in Hotel

Pastors hands legs chopped 680x365 c (1)
Pastors hands legs chopped 680x365 c (1)

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In a shocking incident in Vihiga County on Saturday evening, a Catholic church pastor experienced a brutal assault after being caught in an illicit affair with another man’s wife in a local lodging in Majengo.

According to reports from kenyans.co.ke, the pastor’s hands and legs were chopped off by enraged residents who discovered him engaged in affair with another man’s wife.

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Officers from Serem police station responded to the scene, finding the pastor lying on the ground, severely injured and without limbs. He was promptly rushed to Mbale Referral Hospital for medical attention.

The community expressed their discontent with the pastor’s alleged actions, accusing him of being unfair to their wives when they left their homes to earn a living.

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The incident has ignited concerns about vigilante justice, with authorities emphasizing their commitment to taking legal action against those involved in assaulting the pastor.

The police have vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice, condemning the use of violence and urging for a lawful resolution to such matters.

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