Home News PM Nabbanja Addresses Alleged Political Conflict with Lumumba

PM Nabbanja Addresses Alleged Political Conflict with Lumumba

pm nabbanja addresses alleged political conflict with lumumba
pm nabbanja addresses alleged political conflict with lumumba
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Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has expressed concerns about her alleged political conflict with Minister Justine Kasule Lumumba, suggesting that Lumumba might be using intermediaries to oppose her.

Nabbanja recently faced public criticism for leading a large Ugandan delegation to the United Nations Assembly in New York, a task that some argue could have been handled by her subordinates.

During an appearance on Bukedde TV, Nabbanja did not hold back in her criticism of Lumumba, stating that she has already requested relevant authorities to take action.

Nabbanja highlighted, “Kasule Lumumba has employed individuals like MP David Kabanda and Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda to criticize and undermine me. If you witness any of these individuals attacking me, understand that they have been sent by Lumumba.”

When asked why Lumumba might be undermining her, Nabbanja explained, “You see, the president’s decision to appoint me as Prime Minister upset many people.”

Nabbanja reiterated, “Numerous influential figures were interested in the position of Prime Minister.”

These developments occur amidst escalating conflicts within the Cabinet.

There are reports that President Museveni is contemplating a Cabinet reshuffle due to internal disputes and mounting corruption scandals involving ministers.

Nabbanja mentioned that she is “well aware of how Lumumba conducted herself at the NRM Secretariat when she was the ruling party’s Secretary General, and I prefer not to be involved in her drama.”

Insiders suggest that Nabbanja strongly believes Lumumba leaked information about her UN trip to the media to embarrass her.

Nabbanja clarified on TV that she did not authorize Lumumba’s trip to the UN.

“I was surprised to see her at the convention center in New York,” Nabbanja stated.

“The fact is, Lumumba is my subordinate; I supervise her,” said the Prime Minister, adding, “She only handles tasks assigned to her by me, and this time, I did not assign her to attend the UN.”

However, NRM Chief Whip Hamson Obua stated that he was “aware of the travel to New York by Hon Nabbanja and Hon Lumumba.”

Obua noted that President Museveni sought clarification about the trip following media reports that Nabbanja and Lumumba were accompanied by over 70 delegates to the UN.

Obua explained that each of the two principals traveled with a team of five people.