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“Political Parties & Brigades Are Behind Violence In Makerere Guild Elections” University Council Lays New Plans For Guild Elections


The University Council of Makerere University (MUK) has disclosed a new plan for the 88th guild Elections to direct the University Student’s leadership. This comes after an episode that happened on 15th, July 2022 which included the death of Uganda Christian University (UCU), Kampala campus student, Bewate Bentugura who was purportedly stabbed to death after he had gone to Makerere to campaign for a friend who was aspiring for guild presidency.

The occurrence prompted the halt of the 88th society elections and the foundation of a select committee driven by Prof. Hellen Nambalirwa to survey the Student’s leadership elections and guild activities.

During a special sitting hung on 19th August, the panel introduced its discoveries some of which included; a weak regulatory framework for students’ leadership which is characterised by the absence of a governance statute for students’ associations. Agreeing on the committee, the elevated degree of external influence and political parties lead to division among students hence the violence.

” High levels of external influence in students’ electoral and other activities including from political parties that promote divisions in students’ activities. The emergency of unregulated brigades and cables within the students’ body such as Leo ni Leo, Sisi Wenyewe, Abakooto, new kids on the block and airforce one some of which comprise of non-students of Makerere University. ” The Letter Reads

” Reports that the electoral process had been comprised with allegations of pre-ticked ballot papers, adulterated nominal rolls and forged identity cards to favour particular candidates. ” The Letter Adds
As indicated by Yusuf Kirunda, the University Secretary, the committee was likewise ready to give an extremely valuable proposal which on the off chance that effectively executed will give a guild government which serves each student at the University. The chamber additionally settled on various measures to reinforce a legitimate systems and lead the University.

The approved roadmap towards reestablishing the Guild will initially embrace the appointment of the Student’s constitutional review commission on 27th, August 2022, trailed by the initiation of the Constitutional election process on 5h, September 2022 and 5h, October lastly the beginning of the constituent course of the 88th Student’s leadership on 16th, October 2022.

The current Guild President, H. E Nambassa Shamim, has communicated dissatisfaction towards the proposed amendments guaranteeing the constitution they are attempting to change is the very constitution that prompted the killing of a student. She added that the entire process looks so fishy.

” They either make the best choice or nothing will occur. They won’t shape any committee, ” Nambasa Said

Nambasa finds it confusing that the council can organize new elections for an illegal committee and can’t just complete the 88th electoral procedure and then allow for amendments to be done the right way Also the fact that the council doesn’t clearly state what amendments they suggest to make.

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