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Public demands explanation on Kabaka’s health status

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Kabaka Mutebi who the first time didn’t speak to his subjects made a maiden public appearance on Tuesday April 13 in more than 10 months to attend his 66th celebrations but the king of the Baganda people, Uganda’s largest ethnic group appeared very fragile and visibly hurting.

Kabaka Mutebi has for months not appeared in public leaving Ugandans especially his subjects speaking in tongues.

Mutebi yesterday appeared in public for his 66th birthday though seemingly with deteriorating health like it has always been alleged on social Media platforms.

A video clip making rounds on social media, showing the King of Buganda, Kabaka Mutebi has rained concerns following the Buganda King’s back to back travels to Kenya.

Putting that aside, his subjects have also raised a red flag about the shape of their king’s cake which looked to many as a casket.

This has caused alot of discussions on social media many translating it as a warning that the king could soon see his demise.

Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has come under intense scrutiny with a section of the kingdom subjects accusing him of denying his boss, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Muwenda II’s proper medical treatment abroad.

A section of his subjects have since raised dust on social media demanding a public explanation for this kind of state and why Kabaka is not in hospital.

In veiled jabs, some subjects urged that they were astounded his handlers including the Katikkiro brought him out in such a vulnerable state.

Others said: “It was a Public Relations disaster to make him public”.

A one Fifi Namubiru aimed a major dig at the Katikkiro and joined several others who demanded for answers over their leader’s health status.

“He personally wanted to appear to his people. Last week he traveled from Nairobi for this event,” the source said, adding: “actually, at the end of the function, he deliberately visited the journalists. We, think he wanted them to see him.”

Kabaka Mutebi is the 36th Kabaka of Buganda.

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