Home Real Estate Buganda Land Board Promotes Land Registration and Tenancy Awareness

Buganda Land Board Promotes Land Registration and Tenancy Awareness

buganda land board promotes land registration and tenancy awareness
buganda land board promotes land registration and tenancy awareness
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Buganda Land Board (BLB) officials have initiated a program called the “Client Interface Month” to engage residents on Buganda kingdom land and ensure the proper registration of land documents. The initiative seeks to harmonize land ownership documentation, specifically for bibanja (customary land holdings) and leases within Buganda kingdom land.

Geoffrey Muddu, a Nabweru resident in Nansana, expressed appreciation for the initiative, highlighting its timeliness in light of ongoing discussions about abolishing mailo land. Muddu emphasized the uniqueness of the Kabaka (king) openly inviting tenants to participate, considering the uncertainties surrounding land matters in Uganda. He further emphasized the importance of responsible land ownership and registration.

According to Olivia Cox Namaganda, the program coordinator, the month-long exercise aims to strengthen the relationship between the Kabaka and tenants on Buganda kingdom land. It invites people to verify the registration status of their bibanja and offers registration services for those whose land holdings are not yet registered. Professionals such as surveyors, lawyers, physical planners, and land valuers will be available to address any inquiries.

Namaganda noted that many people have bibanja on Kabaka’s land but are unsure of the land’s acreage or value. Some individuals on their database have registered their bibanja but lack essential documents, such as a national ID number, which is now a prerequisite for land transactions.

The initiative initially focuses on Kampala and Wakiso areas, with services accessible at BLB branches including Katwe Muganzirwazza, Ndejje-Lufuka, Nansana-Nakkuule, Kasangati, Masuuliita, and Kakiri. Additionally, Jane Nakandi, a Kasangati resident, commended the decentralization of land electronic card issuance. These cards, which store all land documents, will now be obtainable at branch levels, simplifying access for landowners.

Recent rulings by the Land division of the High Court stipulate that any transaction on a kibanja (customary land) without the landlord’s consent is void, subjecting perpetrators to either a four-year jail term, a fine of Shs 1.92 million, or both.

However, Namaganda emphasized that the Kabaka of Buganda promotes an accommodating approach, offering various opportunities for tenants to fulfill their obligations. Buganda Land Board operates nine branches and seven service centers across the kingdom, ensuring accessibility to its services for those residing on Kabaka’s land.